nodo ineleggibilità

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by candel, May 21, 2013.

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    english Irish.
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    "Nodo", here, has the following meaning:

    fig. Punto cruciale, particolarmente difficoltoso e complicato: sciogliere il n. di un'intricata questione

    more or less a "crucial point".

    Regards! :)
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    "Nodo" is usually "problem". Here, it can be "problem", "issue" or "question". But the other word is more difficult in English. In fact I was about to post a thread with the same question this morning! Anyone?

    EDIT: I'm going for "non-electability". The adjective "ineligible" and the noun "ineligibility" are not specific enough, I don't think, because they don't refer to someone's status as not being legally liable to be elected, they just suggest generally that the person doesn't have the requisite qualifications or qualifications for a particular thing.
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    Hi Gavin,;)
    regarding the translation of ineleggibilita as non-electability I've run a search on Google and found out that while the term does exist, it's not used (not always, at least) to refer to the particular status of an individual not meeting the legal requirements to be elected, but also to someone (Hillary Clinton in this case) who doesn't stand a chance to be elected. In light of this do you still feel that non-electability is our best bet here? Or, could this be an AE/BE difference?

    P.S. Interestingly, the link I posted mentions another term - polarizing - that would be the perfect translation for divisivo, another buzzword from the current Italian political debate.
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