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what does "nodule" mean in this example. I looked up the dictionary but I think it has different meaning here.

The Dictator too is supposed to rule through voice, a "voice" much like that of an author-that is to say, the tics and quirks that make writing his or hers, the marks that identify him or her. this nodule of associations is clear in the novels of Carpentier and Garcia Marquez.

thanks in advance
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    Hi Rorschach - I think it's an odd use of the word. He probably means a point where the associations (between the marks that identify the voice of the Dictator and the voice of the author) becomes clear.
    Maybe he was thinking of "node" or "knot" ????

    edit: -- Hi, Glas - I see we had the same idea. ;)


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    What is the source of the quote/example?

    Nodule is being used figuratively here in the sense of a lump or swelling caused by things gathering/grouping at that point.


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    The tics and quirks are dispersed throughout a novel whereas with the word 'nodule' we have the idea of aggregation!
    This 'group' of associations is clearer in the novels of C and G because the tics and quirks are closer together?
    It seems a stretch to imagine that ' a nodule in the throat' is affecting the 'voice' of the dictator so that the nodule is the cause of the voice being that way - no, that's not a good idea.
    It doesn't seem to help much if you think of it as 'node' either.
    Most puzzling.


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    Forgive me for repeating myself, but this is not the first time this has happened in the forum - we spend much more time and effort thinking of what an author may have meant than he ever did himself (or any editor who read it along the way!)
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