Nolite confidere Iudaei!

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  1. menslibera New Member

    What is the translation into English of “Nolite confidere Iudaei!” I assume (from guesswork) that ‘Iudaei’ means Jews or Judaeans?! I don't know the rest.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Agró

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    Don't trust the Jew.

    Although Iudaei is a dative singular, most probably it refers to a plurality of people.
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  3. fdb Senior Member

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    No, it cannot be the dative of iudaeus (2nd declension). It is vocative plural.
  4. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

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    I agree; it is addressed to the Judaeans.
    Judaeans, don't trust/believe!

    The context would explain what or who they are not to trust.
    Where did you see this? More information would be helpful.
  5. Agró

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    Alta Navarra
    That was my first guess too but I wasn't sure, really, as the punctuation suggested otherwise, and edited my reply.
    It's a vocative plural, surely.
  6. menslibera New Member

    It was a long political discussion and for whatever reason one poster threw this in at the end of his comment. I am wondering what he might have meant by this.

    So, if it is actually “Don't trust, Judaeans!”, what is “Don't trust the Jews!” in Latin?

    Many thanks.
  7. radagasty Senior Member

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    > what is “Don't trust the Jews!” in Latin?

    It would be more-or-less the same, except with Jews in the dative:

  8. menslibera New Member

    OK, thank you. I am wondering whether this is what was intended, hence the (erroneous) Latin to cover it up. Thank you.

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