Nom means Nomination

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Hi there, I read this online:
Those wins were two of six "Hurt Locker" took home from its nine nominations during the live ceremony at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, including Film Editing, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing. Shut out of the major categories, "Avatar" nabbed a total of three wins — out of nine noms — in categories like Cinematography, Visual Effects and Art Direction.
I take a guess that the word noms here means nominations, and I believe I'm right about that. My main curiousity is: Are you familiar with this abbreviation in the articles? It sounds odd to me.
  • cuchuflete

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    I have never seen it before. It looks like jargon limited either to the entertainment industry, or more narrowly to writers about the entertainment industry. I would not consider it standard language. It's jargon or slang, at best.


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    I think of it as jargon. There is a lot of this in the entertainment industry. "She received a nod for Best Actress", for example, is jargon to me. It means that she received a nomination for Best Actress.
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