nombre de dominio

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    Ssomeone might be so kind as to translate the expression "Nombre de Dominio" for those who have no clue as to what it means.
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  2. It is the site name: www:___________________.

    Hope this helps!
  3. jsvillar Senior Member

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    But isn't it called 'domain name'?

    They are regulated by the ICANN. If you have a web address, then '.com' is first level domain (and it is managed by the US or by the ICANN, as '.es' is managed by Spain), 'tumblr' is second level, and 'xxxxxx' is third level (if it exists). When you buy a domain name, you normally buy a second level, as in, and then if you want you can create yourself third level domains. Now particulars can also buy first level domains, so we will have to get used to web addresses like 'mypage.mycompany'.
    I don't know how this relates with those countries that use an additional '.co', as in '' or ''.
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    Yes it is domain name.

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