nominal (as an adjective)


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I wonder if it is ok to use the adjectival form of the word in the following context.

"The organization of the words in the WordNet differs depending on their syntactic categorization, in such a manner that there are four different networks of nominal, adjectival, verbal and adverbial each of which has a separate hierarchy and a different semantic relationships.'

More comments welcome!

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    'Nominal' and 'adverbial' are often used as nouns, yes: an adverbial is something that is or behaves somehow like an adverb. It's a vague term and I avoid it if possible. The noun 'nominal' has a specific meaning for some linguists, as for example in the CGEL (Cambridge Grammar): it's an intermediate level between noun and noun phrase: what some symbolize as N'.

    I don't think 'verbal' or 'adjectival' are commonly used nominally like this, but it would be acceptable if you were using all four in the same way, and for some reason the ordinary words 'noun', 'verb' etc. were less appropriate.
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