Nominative or Accusative in advertisements?

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I thought these kind of phrases were using nominative. But actually in feminine and neuter genitive and accusative are the same, I didn't think about that.
Then yesterday I noticed an advertisement saying something like "Lavazza. Den neuen Espresso."

So it must be accusative, isn't it? Why? is it maybe that the actual implied meaning is "Lavazza. Das ist den neuen Espresso"?
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    Hello fedcas :)

    The words "Den neuen Espresso" as stand-alone "sentence" look wrong to me.

    They should be embedded in a sentence like "(Erleben Sie) den neuen Espresso", "(Genießen Sie) den neuen Espresso", i.e. a sentence with a verb that requires the accusative case.

    I guess that the main part of the sentence was hidden somewhere in the layout of the advertisement.*)

    * * * * * *

    *) or implied by a story told somewhere else on the sheet. For instance:

    Henry und Laura sind unglücklich miteinander. Was brauchen die beiden zu ihrem Glück?

    (question from the first part of the "story" implied) ..... Den neuen Espresso.
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