Nommé (qui s'appelle)


what's the equivalent of "nommé" ?

context : j'ai reçu une lettre d'une personne nommée Dupont

Do we use "called" or "named"?

I received a letter from a person named? (called? ) Dupont
  • Novanas

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    "I received a letter from a person named Dupont" would be fine, although probably "from somebody named Dupont" would be more likely.

    More formally someone might say, "I received a letter from a Mr./Ms. Dupont," or "from a certain Mr./Ms. Dupont".

    As for the difference between "named" and "called", in this case I think it would certainly be "named", since you're giving the person's actual name. But if it was a letter from someone who used their nickname, then you would probably say "called": e.g. I got a letter from someone called "moon0719".
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