non aver paura di sbagliare un calcio di rigore

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    Can someone please translate what this means for me?

    Ma Nino non aver paura di sbagliare un calcio di rigore,
    non è mica da questi particolari che si giudica un giocatore,
    un giocatore lo vedi dal coraggio, dall'altruismo e dalla fantasia.
    Il ragazzo si farà, anche se ha le spalle strette.

    Is it saying that "Nino" feels like or considers himself a soccer player, believes he can do things because he has all of the same qualities as a soccer player etc?

    I'm not sure if I understand the deeper meaning of this, perhaps someone can help me out.

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    Here is a (hurried) translation:

    Nino don't be afraid of missing a penalty (kick)
    It's not from these details that you judge a player
    You can tell a player from his courage, his concern for others, and fantasy
    (Nino's) Talent will out, even if he has narrow shoulders

    De Gregory Rocks! :)
  3. Bella57 Senior Member

    Here is a copy of all of the song for those who are interested:

    Mandee, are you asking about what the song says about soccer players in general, or whether it makes a comment about how soccer players are regarded by Italians? Looking at some of your other posts you seem to be stressing the importance of soccer to Italian culture.

    Maybe someone more qualified can give their opinion as to what the overall tone of the song is regarding that. I am not personally familiar with it. :)
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    Yes, Bella57 that is the kind of thing I want to argue. Looking at the lyrics or what you know of the song do you think it is plausible to argue that the song demonstrates the importance of soccer to Italy, or at least that "good" soccer players embody characteristics that the wider community would like to share...such as courage etc?

    Let me know your thoughts.
  5. Mandee25,
    congratulations for the song you mention (one of my favorites!)!! :)

    But please note two more things:

    - the same song also deals with "sad players who never won and hung the shoes on some kind of wall (...) in love since ten years with a women they never loved..." ["giocatori tristi che non hanno vinto mai ed hanno appeso le scarpe a qualche tipo di muro (...) innamorati da dieci anni con una donna che non hanno amato mai..."]; :(

    - Francesco De Gregori himself, in another song, says that there is "nothing to understand" ("niente da capire"). :confused:

    That means, in my opinion, that there is not a sole, exact and univocal meaning in a song (but, like poetry, it may evoke different things depending on the person who listens, the moment, etc...).
    Beside this, anyway, "La Leva Calcistica della Classe 1968" is about soccer as a "metaphor of life", more than about the importance of soccer in (Italian) life.

    Sorry if I dwelt too much on the subject!! ;)

    Hope this helps,

    'NGL (

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