non-contracted oil

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"non-contracted oil"
How do you describe in one phrase oil or gas that has been produced but for which no contract has been signed? Someone (in another discussion) suggests "non-contracted oil (gas)" but google brings but a handful of links with the phrase...
The context: country X claims that if an international pipeline between it and country Y is built, this would enable X to increase its oil (gas) deliveries to country Y. However, there is some doubt that country X would have enough "non-contracted oil (gas)" to keep this promise.
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    "Unsold" would be my first guess. Though I don't know if it is used in this context, "uncontracted" could also be used.

    You could use "non-contracted," so long as you first explain precisely what you mean.


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    I think it would be helpful to see the source: could you do that?

    However, I also think that "non-contracted oil (gas)" would arise when, for example Country Y agrees to buy 100 TWh of gas a year, but it turns out that Y actually needs 112 TWh - the 12 TWh would be uncontracted. There is no contract for that supply and it is bought on the open market.

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    In ordinary English, you don't need any term: There is some doubt that country X would have enough oil/gas to keep this promise.

    The argument does not make sense without numbers. Increase its deliveries by how much? Even the tiniest amount would be an increase.


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    Free-market or open-market occur to me.
    Open-market might work, provided perhaps that there is some prior explanation that it is oil destined for sale in the open-market. Of course, that assumes that there is a good likelihood that it will be eventually sold in the open market, as opposed to held as a reserve, for example.

    Looking at the original text, I might almost suggest the simpler "spare oil."
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