non-interest bearing loan


Hello! I have trouble understanding and translating the following expression into Arabic "non-interest bearing loan", in the event of an emergency loan given by a company to its employee.
Here's the context if this could help you "Emergency loans will be made in the form of a non-interest bearing loan and will normally be repaid within 90 days."
Thanks a lot for any help! :)
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    قرض الحسن?:)
    It is really قرض حسن, but that term is rarely used in non-religious contexts (it is used in Islamic banking literature).
    I'd go with "قروض بدون فائدة" or "قروض غير حاملة للفوائد"...:thumbsup:
    My attempt for the whole sentence:
    قروض الطوارئ تقدم على شكل قروض غير حاملة للفوائد وتسدد في الحالة الطبيعية خلال 90 يوماً

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