non-Linear process


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I am watching a lecture video regarding how to develop soft skills where the teacher explains some heuristic ways to work on them, then he says -
(1) How to Speak - YouTube.png

What does "non-linear process" mean here?
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    Please describe the 'soft skills' and what he means by 'heuristic ways' to work on them.
    That video is primarily focused on communication skills. and I assume by "heuristic" he meant "things that you can learn on your own from personal experiences "


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    Linear refers to doing things in a strict order. You work on step A and finish step A before going on to step B. And then you finish B before going on to C. Etc.

    Non-linear means there is no strict order. You might work on different parts at the same time and at different speeds. Working on A might help you do better at B and at the same time, getting better at B might help you do better at A.