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I wonder why the moderators in this forum have used strange words in their profiles. As:

non modo mod :confused:
PongoMod :confused:
Moderato con anima :confused:
à la Mod :confused:

Do they have especial meanings? They don't make sense to me. I'm curious why the moderators of WR forum have used such labels.

Thank you.
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    This is general linguistic playfulness. The linguist David Crystal calls this the ludic function of language. Most speakers play around with language when they deliberately choose words with similar sounds or play around with fixed expressions. This makes communication more interesting.

    I should talk about mine: moderato con anima is a frequent expression of musical tempo found at the beginning at a musical score and means 'at a moderate speed but animatedly'. It's Italian because in the Renaissance, many celebrated musicians were Italian. I chose it because I'm a musician. Moderato is sufficiently close to moderator so I expect readers to recognise that I'm also signalling that I'm a moderator in this forum. If the musical expression does not make sense, it is not a problem because the main point would have been signalled.


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    "PongoMod" made no sense to me, but g**gle would suggest it's a play on a brand of Italian modelling clay called "Pongo." Put an "e" on the end of "mod" in à la Mod, and you've got French for "in fashion" and English for "served with ice-cream.":)


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    I chose "à la Mod" as a play on "à la mode", which in English is used to mean "with ice cream", my favorite dessert, as theartichoke guessed. :) I also picked it because I love French.

    As Copyright said, one of the (few?) perks of being a moderator is that we can choose our titles, so we tend to pick titles that include "mod" in them so that people know we are moderators.


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    Pongo, is the genus name of orang-utans, but is another word (now rarely used in this sense) for orang-utan.


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    I recently stepped down as a mod but my "moniker" read "Mod hatter 10/6". The hatter part was suggested by another mod based on my avatar - a portrait of a Huli Wigman from a picture I took in New Guinea - and I added the "10/6" to emphasize the reference to Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter (the 10/6 was the price tag on the hat in the original illustration:D). As long as the moniker includes "mod" (so members realize the person is a moderator, and understand any requests and reminders etc) certain freedom is allowed for obscure allusion or humour:D

    (a la mode only really means "with ice cream" in the US and Canada)


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    Are you looking in a Latin dictionary, sb70012? Google Translate ( gives the same translation that wandle gave.
    No, I was looking it up in modern dictionaries. Yes, you are right. Now I see it. Thanks.
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