non political sense of "both sides of the aisle"

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Is that appropriate to use the phrase "both sides of the aisle" as a metaphor for any opposing sides?
For instance referring to seller and buyer, Employer and employee etc. Can I say for example "I have experience on both sides of the aisle as I not only worked in sales but was a long time customer of this company"?
  • Chez

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    No, we don't use 'aisle' in that way.

    I can't actually think of a phrase you could use in this context.

    I might say something like:

    I am familiar with both sides of the customer experience

    Uncle Jack

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    British English
    I can imagine a writer using "both sides of the aisle" to mean the family and friends of both people in a marriage, as the only common use of an aisle where there is (traditionally) a clear distinction between who or what is on each side is in a church wedding.
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