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  1. TheAlphaPaul New Member

    American English
    Hello, I searched but only found terms of endearment for significant others. Are there french words you can use for close friends of either gender without implying romantic interest. For example, i could call a female friend "dear" without thinking anything of it, but i think "ma chérie" would come off the wrong way. Also, I teach swim lessons to young children, and I usually call the boys "bud" or "buddy" and the girls "sweetie". Are there similar French terms? Sorry if there are too many questions here...
  2. Fishingcap Senior Member

    Baby: Chaton, princesse, poussin, minou, minette, mon coeur, mon ange,.... well whatever you want :)
    For the children : garçon "bonhomme" fille "miss, mistinguette, ma minette'
    For friends : girl "ma belle' garçon well that's a good question, i've never used these kind of word for my friends.... :confused:

    I don't think it is very french to say 'sweetie, honey, mate, love' to our friends.
  3. marget Senior Member

    On the same topic, would "ma petite" work for a 23 year-old young woman who is a member of the family?
  4. RuK Senior Member

    Outside Paris
    English/lives France
    Of course it's French to use endearments! "Ma belle" works for all females, "mon vieux" works for any man who doesn't think he's old. (And goes down a treat with kids).
  5. laurent_atl Member

    It is a pretty tricky field. All those have connotations that tie them to a generation, a social group, etc..

    pretty formal: cher ami(e)
    a bit old fashionned: mon ami(e)
    very unformal: mon pote, ma poule, ma biche
    unformal: mon vieux, vieux, mon grand
    my cousins in toulouse use 'con' as a term of endearment
  6. TheAlphaPaul New Member

    American English
    Merci beaucoup tout le monde!
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