non sai guardare al di là di tette enormi

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Layla(Italy), Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Layla(Italy) New Member

    My text:

    My translation:
    La mia traduzione inglese è comprensibile o troppo strana?
  2. Azazel81 Senior Member

    Italy - Italian

    You wrote:

    "You believe your thoughts about weight are bright, sharp rules of life.
    You only cannot look cannot even see/you see nothing beyond huge boobs, fat bottom and a bit of paunch flab...
    I'm feel sorry for your limits/narrow mind, but the most important thing is that plump-women have a life, they have sex, and they have nothing in common with you/nothing to share with you".

    I just made a few corrections/suggestions, and I hope I helped. remember to put a "comma" between/among two/more adjectives.

    PS: nice sentence ;) I'm right there with you :)
  3. Layla(Italy) New Member

    Thank you Azazel! I hope to improve my English, step by step.

    I tried to talk with a guy who doesn't want to understand that his sentences against chubby women are absolutely wrong in a YouTube video for people with eating disorders.

    (a video about anorexia! :()

    P.S. thanks to moderators for the patience :)
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  4. Murphy

    Murphy Senior Member

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    English, UK
    Just one more thing. You don't need a hyphen (-) between "plump" and "women".
  5. Layla(Italy) New Member

    ok, thanks. :thumbsup: I need English lessons :rolleyes: and luckily this forum helped me so many times...

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