non-segment income (expense)

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    and for that matter: Segment income ??

    Hello all, this is from a table of selected financial data of a company. Both terms are headings in the table. I have searched quite a bit for either a clear English definition of what "segment" refers to in this context and for a Spanish translation, and haven't found either. Any help would be most greatly appreciated. (Looking for the correct financial Spanish translation.)

    Thanks so much!
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    IFRS 8 sets standards for reporting on "operating segments" ("segmentos de operación") of publicly held companies. It seems likely that is the type of "segment" referred to in your table.
    Following is a useful explanation, which might give you clues as to what "non-segment" means in your specific context.

    In NIIF 8, the Spanish version of IFRS 8, I see references to "información por segmentos" so I'd be tempted to translate "segment" as "por segmentos" or "del segmento" depending upon what the table represents, but "non-segment" is a little trickier.
    Without more information about your text, I would not guess at how to translate your particular "non-segment" to Spanish.
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    I would say that cubamania is completely right. I use more 'áreas de negocio' rather than "segmento", but both terms are used in Spain.

    I would say "Resultados no asignados a segmentos/áreas de negocio (gastos)". Please, check it fits the context.

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