Non ti dico che sole e che aria!

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by tote_hose, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. tote_hose Member

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    Ciao! How would I translate the following:

    Non ti dico che sole e che aria!

    My attempt: I don't tell you that the sun and air!

    But that doesn't make much sense to me so some help would be welcomed :)
  2. elfa

    elfa Senior Member

    Bath, England
    Hi tote,

    It always helps to have some context ;) However, I am assuming it means something like

    I can't tell what sun and what [beautiful, clear] air [there is here]!
  3. london calling Senior Member

    It means something along the lines of "we had lots of sun(shine) and (fresh) air"/"not to mention the all the sun(shine) and ((fresh) air", said in approval of something, but we need more context if you want the best translation...;)
  4. CPA Senior Member

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    You wouldn't believe what the sun and the air were like!

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