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Could you please tell me how to translate into Spanish the following term?:

"non-tuned water film"

The context is a manual for a road sensor that detects water or ice on road surface. I really ignore what non tuned means when applied to water.

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    To tune in an engineering sense, is to make fine adjustments e.g. you tune a car engine to give an optimal performance. The water film value of a road will vary and a road sensor needs to be adjusted to detect minute levels of water on the surface.
    My understanding would be that non-tuned water film is surface water which is not detected by the sensor i.e. below their levels of sensitivity.
    But I´m not an engineer!
    Does that help?


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    I agree with Lis and here is some text to support that view.

    On dry road conditions the values are high, on damp / wet / frost conditions the
    values are low.
    For non-tuned or faulty frequency measurement the values are always set at ‘xxx’.

    Mi intento
    una capa de agua que la máquina no es diseñada para discernir (¿Vale en Español eso?)
    o sencillamente
    una capa de agua que no se detecta
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