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What do you say this phrase like none of your business(I don't care whether you know this or not; it's none of your concern) in your language?

余計なお世話yokei-na o-sewa (that's an unnecessary help!)
大きなお世話ooki-na o-sewa (it's a big help!) in a ironic way
ありがた迷惑arigata meiwaku (the way it exists is disgusting!) *also used as adjective e.g. ありがた迷惑な話(an unwelcome gosship)
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    to tě nemusí zajímat - it doesn't have to interest you
    to není tvoje starost - it's not your concern
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    German: Das geht dich/euch/Sie nichts an
    - das
    = 'that'
    - geht ... an (present tense) < angehen* (infinitive) = 'to concern, to be someone's concern'
    - dich/euch = 'you' (familiar form of address, singular/plural, accusative)
    - Sie = 'you' (polite form of address, singular = plural, accusative = nominative)
    - nichts = 'nothing'
    * the syllable an- is prefixed to the infinitive. In the present tense, an- is separated from the stem and moved to clause-final position
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    1) «Δεν σε/σας αφορά» [ðen se afoˈɾa] (when it's addressed to one person or informal) [ðen sas afoˈɾa] (when it's addressed to many people or formal) --> it does not concern you
    2) «Να μην σ'ενδιαφέρει» [na min s͜ enð͡ʝaˈfeɾi] --> it should not interest you
    (2) is more rude than (1)


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    Portuguese (Portugal)

    Não é da tua conta, it's none of your concern.
    Mete-te na tua vida, mind your own business (lit. your own life).


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    Chinese - Taiwan 中文 Taiwanese Hokkien 臺語
    In Chinese:
    不關你的事!(It does not concern you!)
    干你事!(None of your f-ing business!) 屁=butt, it functions as a filler like "f-ing", only milder.


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    Catalan (Catalonia), Spanish (Spain)

    Formal 'you': No n'heu de fer res. (Lit., You Sir/Ma'am have to do nothing of it)
    Informal 'you': No n'has de fer res. (You have to do nothing of it)
    Vulgar: No n'has de fotre res. (You have to f* nothing of it)

    A more formal of saying it would be: Això no us incumbeix. (This does not concern you)

    An informal expression would be: No et fiquis on no et demanen / No fiquis el nas on no et demanen. (Do not stick your nose in what you're not asked for)

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    干你事!(None of your f-ing business!) 屁=butt, it functions as a filler like "f-ing", only milder.
    There's also an older version of this phrase in Classical Chinese: 干卿底事

    干: relate, concern
    卿: thou (to subordinate or intimate)
    底: what?
    事: matter

    Literally: "How does it concern thee?"


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    Ei kuulu sinulle = doesn't concern you, doesn't belong to you
    Pidä huoli omista asioistasi = mind your own business, literally: take care of your own things/affairs/matters


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    Sardu / Italianu
    Sardinian (Logudorese/Nuorese) :

    1. No sun affares/fattos tuos/suos/bostros.
    2. (singular) No b'has ite faghere in hoche/hoghe. (you don't have what to do here)
    3. (plural) No b'hatis/hazis ite faghere in hoche/hoghe. (you don't have what to do here)
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    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    Palestinian Arabic:

    ما خصّكش (maxaṣṣakš)
    ما إلكش خصّ (ma ʾilakš xaṣṣ)
    ما دخلكش (ma daxalakš)
    ما إلكش دخل (ma ʾilakš daxal)


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    Français - France

    Ça ne te/vous regarde pas.
    Ce ne sont pas tes/vos affaires.
    Mêle-toi de tes affaires / Mêlez-vous de vos affaires.
    Ne t'en mêle pas / Ne vous en mêlez pas.


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    Arabic (Egypt)
    Egyptian Arabic:
    ملكش/ملكاش دعوة (malaksh/malkash da3wa)
    ميخصّكش (mykhossaksh)
    ملكش فيه (malaksh feeh)
    مش شغلك (mish shoghlak)
    إنت مالك؟ (inta malak)
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