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    Term: Nontroversy

    Meaning: A non-controversy. An item, story or quote that is misleadingly (possibly maliciously) presented as controversial in media or social media cf "A storm in a teacup," "Much ado about nothing."


    Apologies to the mods if I have got the format wrong: this is my first post proposing a new word.
  2. ewie

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    I like it. It should be Word of the Year, given that about 43% of today's news is nothing but nontroversies:(
  3. timpeac

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    Haven't heard this before either, but it shall now be entering my active vocabulary!
  4. neil.corrigan12 New Member

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    I recently encountered this word not too long ago. This was actually the first time I've heard about it. It's from an article in the internet I was reading.
  5. Jason_2_toi

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    Jeez what a great word and a relief it's under fifty per cent, except for the daily mail.

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