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    Is there any word to specifically describe the bollards displayed on the attached pictures 1.jpg and 2.jpg?
    In Spanish there is a different name for each.
    1.jpg: noray
    2.jpg: bittas

    I think the bollards of picture 2.jpg are called bitts in English.
    Nonetheless I wonder whether there is any specific word in English to call the bollard of picture 1.jpg ("noray") so that it is possible to tell only by means of the word that gets used, the kind of bollard we are talking about. Otherwise, if there was not such a word besides the generic word bollard, I wonder how it is possible to tell without further context a bollard understood as "noray" from one of the bollards belonging to a pair of bitts.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Como nadie te contesta, buscando en un diccionario náutico especializado:
    Puedes usar una de esas opciones para distinguirlo de la bita de proa;
    que efectivamente es otra cosa, confirmado por el Oxford:
    que dice lo mismo que la RAE:
    ¡Un saludo!

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