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  1. I'm writing an academic paper in the social sciences and I'm trying to figure out a good translation for "norm enforcement mechanism", referring to social norms, or perhaps for "a mechanism that enforces the norm". "Enforce" seems to often be translated as "appliquer", which seems a bit weak but I can't find any other suggestions, or something that refers to police enforcing laws. So, in the case of naturally enforced social norms, does it make sense to say:

    un mécanisme d'application de la norme

    Or even:

    un mécanisme qui faire appliquer la norme
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    Enforce the law in French is translated by "appliquer la loi".
    I think you found the best translation here.

    Un mécanisme d'application de la norme

    Un mécanisme pour faire appliquer la norme

    Un mécanisme permettant d'appliquer la norme
  3. Thank you for the quick confirmation. In case I wasn't clear, though, I'm not talking about laws at all. These are all appropriate when speaking of, for instance, peer pressure enforcing certain types of behavior?
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    If it's pressure coming from the peers for a social norm, I would then say "se conformer".

    Processus/mécanisme de conformation à la norme

    On se conforme à une norme sociale
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    les méchanismes qui incitent à respecter la norme ?

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