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I am doing a translation on financials (English into Spanish), and found the expression "Norm Payout", which is driving me somehow crazy, as I am not an expert on financial terminology. I thought of translating it as "importe dentro de la norma", but it sounds very strange to me. Please, is anybody able to offer a better option? Thanks a lot.
  • ¡Hola, Esperanza! We would need a little bit more of a context to get a better idea, but you could also try with "precio patrón" or "precio promedio", but we need more context.
    Hope this helps!
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    Many thanks for your quick reply!! The English definition for Norm Payout which appears on the document states: "the number of Performance Shares or Perfornance Share Units", as defined in the Agreement".

    Yes, I feel it should be something similar to "precio patrón", "importe tipo" or something like that, but just wanted to make sure there is or there is not an expression in Spanish to refer to this.