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    Hello! I have to translate a High School Diploma from Spanish into English (US). I need help with the following passage since I´m not sure my version sounds ok.

    "norma jurisdiccional de aprob. plan de estudios: Resolución xxxx"

    my attempt: "Jurisdictional norm of approval of the course of studies: Resolution N° xxxx"

    Does it sound good to you English speakers? 'Cause for me it´s too literal. Specially the words in bold.

    Any suggestion/correction will be welcomed!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. fenixpollo

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    Hello, Miraclesmk, and welcome to the forum.

    No, "jurisdictional norm of approval" doesn't make much sense to me. If you could explain the term in Spanish, and give us more background information about the diploma, it would be very helpful.
  3. Miraclesmk New Member

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    Thanks, fenixpollo, I'll try to explain it...

    The document is a High School Diploma (where all the subjects passed by the student in his school time are mentioned) and it is given, of course after the student finishes High School.

    After all the details on the subjects passed are given, and before the corresponding signatures and seals, there are a few lines which explain the norms/rules/regulations applied for the Diploma to be issued, I don't know if I'm clear...

    The line I have trouble with is "norma jurisdiccional de aprob. plan de estudios: Resolución xxxx" I think it is a kind of legislation by means of which the authorities can say that the student completed his studies. Does this help? Thanks a lot!!!!
  4. fenixpollo

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    Thanks, Miraclesmk.

    Where is the document from? I googled the phrase and found this on an Argentine site:
    It sounds like it's citing the legal authority by which the local government has approved the school's curriculum standards.
  5. Miraclesmk New Member

    Spanish - English
    Yes, thanks, a lot, it's from Argentina.

    The meaning is clearer now to me, but I'm still not sure about the equivalent in American English...can you help me?
    For instance:
    for "norma jurisdiccional de aprobación" what is best: Jurisdictional standards/norm of approval?
    for "plan de estudios" would you use "curriculum"? 'cause I've found that "curriculum" is more used for University... what do you think?
    can you say "resolution (number xxxx)"? or is there a better choice? It will be the number of the decree or something like that.

    thanks for your time! Discussion is always useful...
    and last:
  6. Sassenach2 New Member

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    Sorry I´m answering this late, but it may help anyway. I found: "Jurisdictional Rules for the Approval of the Study Plan", Jurisdictional can also be replaced by Local or Regional.

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