Normas de convivencia a seguir

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  1. jeterinmicipen Banned

    How can we translate Normas de Convivencia, in contexts like: When more than 3 people living together in an apartment or in a dorm in a boarding school, or in a hall residence, or simply at work , or in school ?
  2. AlfayOmega Senior Member

    Spanish, Colombia
    "rules for coexistence"
    "cohabitation rules", si se trata de personas que viven juntas.
  3. jeterinmicipen Banned

    ¿En el ámbito del trabajo y del aula tambien ?
  4. Ernesto Franco Member

    English - USA
    In the U.S. it is common in boarding schools, residence halls, etc. to say "community standards" for normas de convivencia. "Coexistence" sounds very poetic, and cohabitation is almost only used in formal or legal writing.

    Hope that helps!
  5. jeterinmicipen Banned

    Thanks a lot
  6. Ernesto Franco Member

    English - USA
    En el ámbito del trabajo y del aula, debe decir "code of conduct". Eso es un poco formal, pero me parece que el trabajo o el aula es un poco más formal.

    "Community standards" from my last post would work too, but "code of conduct" is more the norm in work or school settings in the U.S.

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