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Hello everybody,
Can you please help me in the interpetation of the adjective "normative" in this sentence? "the method is more beneficial than simply examining photographs for their own sake because it prompts interviewees to discuss normative dimensions of their lives" The source is an academic article. Does it means "usual dimensions"? Sorry, that is very difficult for me, I cannot find any proper translation in Italian, or even gasp the meaning in English. Thank you. Your help is appreciated!
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    Hello antoit!"

    I suggest: "normative dimensions" = "aspetti/lati moralmente approvati". In a much more general way, one could say "aspetti/lati buoni".



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    What is "the method" they're referring to? Interacting with these photos in some non-standard way?
    Yes, some more context would be helpful, including who the interviewees are (hospital patients? LGBTQ youth?) and what they're being interviewed about. Benzene is right about "normative" meaning "lati moralmente approvati," but depending on who's being interviewed and about what, "normative" could refer to societal norms they're being obliged to adhere to, and thus, from their perspective, not buoni at all.
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