North face abyss vs northbound abyss


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Hello. I am writing a short story which unfolds on a mountain, and I wonder which of the two expressions is correct or best: north face or northbound. This is the sentence: "The summit is the sanctuary of Sierra Nevada. It is formed by huge blocks of plate-shaped, copper-coloured rocks overlooking the northbound abyss".
Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.
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    Please give us a little more context. An abyss can’t be “northbound” except possibly on a geological time scale. What are you trying to say about the abyss?


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    Neither. I'm not sure at all what you're trying to say in either sentence.
    The north face of the mountain is the side of the mountain facing north. An abyss (nothingness) has no face to point in a direction.
    Something northbound is traveling north.
    Can't you see in all directions from the summit?


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    I am afraid the rest of the text does not make any references to this, so it would not be of any help, Florentia52.
    The plate-shaped roks are like trampolines, springboards in a swimming-pool, "hanging" over the abyss, the vertical hillside. the high cliffs overlooking the north, near the summit of the Mulhacen. I am sorry I cannot explain myself better. Maybe these photos will help, I cannot find more appropriate ones.





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    If the abyss faces north, call it the north-facing abyss.

    Use the definite article when referring to the Sierra Nevada. A major mountain range in California has the same name (though it's usually called "the Sierra Nevadas", Americans being unaware that "sierra" means "mountain range"). If this material targets an international audience, you might want to make it clear from the beginning that you're writing about the range in Spain.*

    *(I'm refraining from making any My Fair Lady references here.:))

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    "North face abyss" sounds a little odd, and "northbound abyss" is wrong. I wonder if the phrase you want is "north-facing abyss".

    It might be better to not try to give a description to the abyss, but to describe the direction it is in from where you are: "...overlooking the abyss to the north".



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    It is formed by huge blocks of plate-shaped, copper-coloured rocks overlooking the abyss dropping away to the north.