Norwegian: Æla


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I was trying to create a list of ten words for each letter — as a small vocabulary building exercise —; however, it became very ( one of my words taught me) difficult with the vowels at the end.

I apologise if they have a specific name which I do not ken well.

I started digging through my dictionary, and found this one, ‘æla’. From that which I can parcel from my limited Nynorsk is that it means something to do with cereal grains, and grown ones.

The similarity to ale makes me wonder: is this malted grain?

Eg æler korn. I malt grain?
  • Svenke

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    This is a very uncommon word, I don't think I have ever seen it used.

    It seems from Norsk Ordbok that it means 'germinate', so rather Kornet æler 'The grain is germinating/sprouting'.

    Written with an æ, it is probably derived from a root with an å, and indeed there is a noun ål which means 'sprout', on grain or potatoes. (And that is a more common word, I think, I know it from my western dialect.)


    well, since letting the barley germinate or sprout is the first step in brewing beer, it's an alluring etymology - too bad it doesn't hold water.