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    HI :)

    I found out that "how" in Norwegian is either "Hvor" or "Hvordan".

    For example:
    Hvor gamle er de? / How old are you?
    Hvordan ser hun ut? / How doeas she look like?

    Is there any rule as to when you should use "Hvor" and when "Hvordan"?
  2. Kadabrium Member

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    In standard bokmål, hvor qualifies other adjectives or adverbs, td. hvor lenge, hvor stor, hvor gammel.
    hvordan qualifies directly nouns or verbs.

    I occasionally hear hvor used in place of hvordan, perhaps either dialectical or due to Swedish influence; but never ever heard hvordan in place of hvor.
  3. mosletha Senior Member

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    "Hvor" is used when you're talking about amounts. Some examples:

    Hvor mye penger koster dette? / How much money does this cost?

    Hvor ofte skjer dette? / How often does this happen?

    Hvor mange var til stede? / How many people were present?
    (you can omit 'people' in Norwegian)

    The other word, "hvordan", can be compared to "in what way" in English.

    Hvordan gjorde du det? / How did you do that?

    Hvordan går jeg fram for å ... / How do I proceed in order to ...

    Hvordan gikk det? / How did it go?

    Also, in my opinion, you should probably know of some of the many dialectal forms of "hvordan". These include "korleis", "kossen", "korsen", "koss" and "åssen".
  4. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    Actually there are three different grammatical entities:
    Hvor (alone) means where, both as interrogative and relative pronoun.

    Hvor + adjective or adverb means how +adjective or adverb(hvor lenge, hvor lang, hvor dum du tror jeg er?)
    Hvordan means how (what way/by what means). Hvordan har du tenkt å klare det? (How do you think you can do it?).
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    Well - only two of them are used to indicate HOW.
  6. janesaddiction New Member

    A thousand thanks :)

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