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Hi there,

I did not know there was a synonym for 'ansikt' until I read the following sentence:

'Dere skal også kunne fungere i hverdagen sammen, så dere bør ha noe til felles utenom en fascinasjon for hverandres fjes."

Is fjes a pure synonym of ansikt? Is it used only in some contexts, dialects (author is from Stavanger)?

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    I think fjes is used all over the country. It is a little bit informal, but in no way a bad word.

    Other words:
    (et) andlet-- traditional Nynorsk word and in some dialects
    (et) åsyn -- also mostly Nynorsk, now perhaps mostly jocular, but traditionally religious, Guds åsyn
    (en) fleis -- very informal, but not really taboo
    (et) tryne -- very informal and derogatory, fairly taboo, properly used about the snout of a pig


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    This is the first stanza of the song lyrics Tulla, written sometime in the early 20th century by the well-known Margrethe Munthe:

    Vi har en tulle med øyne blå,
    med silkehår og med ører små,
    og midt i fjeset
    en liten nese,
    så stor som så.

    (The last is supposed to be accompanied be a gesture showing the size of the tiny nose.)

    It was famously recorded by (then) Crown Princess Sonja, Wenche Myhre and the puppet Titten Tei (Birgit Strøm) in 1976.