Norwegian: behøver ikke og operere seg


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I'm confused about what the "og" is doing there.

In alle er bra nok som man er, behøver ikke og operere seg for å ligne på sine forbilder.

In Hebrew, it does something similar, where it'll say "continue and (verb)" to indicate an ongoing action beyond a certain point in time (i.e. There was an accident, and investigators "continue and investigate" to say there is an ongoing investigation into the accident). Is this kind of the same thing, where "behøver ikke og operere seg" means that people aren't continuously needing to transform themselves (guessing that's what "operere seg" means here) on an ongoing basis?

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    Og and å seem to be pronounced the same way, at least according to the phonetic transcriptions I've found. If so, I suppose the writer made a mistake.

    Ben Jamin

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    It is an error. Should be "å", the infinitive marker. However, this spelling/phonetic confusion appears to lead to merging of the grammatical functions of the two words, just like "to" and "and" in English. So, I would say this is likely to be a grammatical error, not just a typo.
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