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Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by littlepond, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. littlepond Senior Member

    Hello everyone! In a book I was reading, I came across this sentence: "Derfor er kunnskap om røtter viktigere enn noen sinne."

    Why is "kunnskap" not with the definite article in this sentence? ("kunnskapen")
    Also, I cannot find the dictionary entry for "sinne": I guess "noen sinne" means "ever".

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    Because the topic is knowledge in general, not any particular knowledge.
    Note that the correct spelling of the word is "noensinne", and "sinne" here is a suffix, not a separate word.
    But "sinne" is also a word which means "anger". It's strange you did not find the word in a dictionary. What dictionary did you use?
    See here: Bokmålsordboka | Nynorskordboka
    Remember also that "sinne" is also a declined form of "sinn" (mind).
  3. Svenke

    Svenke Senior Member

    -sinne in noensinne comes from an old noun sinn, which means 'time' in the sense of 'occurrence'. It has, as far as I know, nothing to do with sinne 'anger' or sinn 'mind'.
  4. littlepond Senior Member

    Hello, thanks both for your replies! I had found the word "sinne" to mean anger; I meant that I did not find any "sinne" which, when coupled with "noen", means "forever". Thanks @Svenke for clarifying this!

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