Norwegian Bokmål: oppta= notere?

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Al-Indunisiy, Jan 4, 2013.

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    I saw in an entry on 'oppta' in Bokmålsordboka that the meaning 'receive' is explained by these words 'ta opp', 'notere' and 'ta imot'. I get the first and the last, but 'notere'? So far I've seen for the entry on 'notere' in any dictionary, none even come close to 'receive'. Is there any explanation for this?
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    In the book follows examples: "o- bestillinger / o- store lån / o- forklaring" (where o- is oppta of course)

    When you opptar en bestilling or opptar en forklaring, you'd write them down, as in notere.
    You also use it for writing down a witness statement.
    An opptagelse is a recording.

    Hope some native speaker can confirm.

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