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Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by J.F. de TROYES, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. J.F. de TROYES Senior Member

    When can ( or may ) is used with the meaning of to be allowed is does the verb kunne fit ?

    So is it right to say : kan jeg låne sykkelen ? as the equivalent of can I borrow your bike ?

    Can another verb be used as well ? What about could I borrow your bike ?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. myšlenka Senior Member

    "kunne" does indeed fit.

    Kan jeg låne sykkelen din? - Can I borrow your bike?
    Kunne jeg låne sykkelen din? - Could I borrow your bike?

    You can also use "få" with the same meaning, even in combination with "kunne".

    Får jeg låne sykkelen din?
    Kan jeg få låne sykkelen din?
  3. J.F. de TROYES Senior Member

    Thanks a lot for your answer that helps me to understand how modals work in Norwegian.

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