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Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by bedefan, Oct 27, 2007.

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    Hello all, I'm wondering what the precise sense of the Norwegian phrase "det skulle bare mangle" is. I think that it's used as a response to "takk" sometimes (or any expression of gratitude or thanks), and my sense is that usually someone says "det skulle bare mangle" when they think that thanking them is, to use an English expression, "out of the question." For instance, after staying at a friend's house in Oslo, my wife was thanking her for letting us stay with her for a few days, and the friend said "det skulle bare mangle," which seemed to mean something like, "You don't even need to thank me. Of course I would let my friends stay with me for a few days."

    So, what exactly does "det skulle bare mangle" mean, and am I right in my understanding of the context in which it's generally used?

    På forhånd, takk.
  2. duckie

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    The exact same expression is used in Danish so I assume the meaning is identical. It does indeed mean what you think - 'you don't need to thank me, anything less would be inconsiderate of me'. It's an expression of hospitality I guess.. not unlike:

    A: Thank you very much
    B: Oh you're (most) welcome!
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    The phrase is a common way of saying "you're welcome" in a slightly more polite and "humble" way. Yes, one is sort of implying that there is no need to thank, because one of course would do whatever one is thanked for, and supposedly also does so with pleasure. It shouldn't be understood in such a way that you shouldn't thank the person next time, though ;).

    "Ingen årsak" is another way of saying it.
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    In one of my first Norwegian classes (many years ago ;) )I recall the expression ingen årsak being used as well as ikke noe å takke for (or something close to that.) I'd be curious to know how often either of these expressions are currently used in everyday norsk?
  5. Petter Member

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    Both 'ingen årsak' & 'ikke noe å takke for' are widely used
  6. Grefsen

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    Tusen takk for dine raske svar. :) In all honesty I don't recall ever having heard the expression det skulle bare mangle used while I have been in Norway. I believe that the most common reply to tusen takk that I have heard is vær så god. (I hope I spelled that correctly :) )

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