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I've seen this word around in the reading I've been doing. but can't quite get its meaning. I think it's someting along the lines of "awesome" or something like that, but I can't find it in dictionaries. Here's the most recent context I saw it in.

Og neste morgen sto jeg opp grytidlig og dro tilbake til campen – og det var skikkelig digg med julegrøt ved bålet til frokost. Og jammen fikk jeg ikke fine hjemmesydde votter i adventsgave også!
(from "Vintercamping med julestemning i skogen" - start paragraph 4 for more context)

I think, in this case, skikkelig digg means "super cool" or "pretty awesome", but I just feel like there's some nuance I'm not quite grasping.

Thanks for the help!
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    Digg may be an adjective meaning something like 'very good', or a noun meaning 'something good, snacks'.
    Both are derived from the verb digge, which means 'enjoy, be a fan of'. This in turn is a borrowing from English dig, which (it appears) was previously used as slang for 'enjoy, like very much'.
    Both digg and digge are informal words in Norwegian, but not rude in any way.

    digg - Det Norske Akademis ordbok
    digg - Det Norske Akademis ordbok