Norwegian: fædrenehjemmet

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    Could "Sønnens Afsked fra Fædrenehjemmet" be translated then as one of the following:

    --"The Son Parting From His Ancestral Home"
    --"The Son's Farewell From His Ancestral Home"
    --"The Son's Farewell From His Parent's Home"

    (I don't know what the painting looks like, which might otherwise help determine whether it's his parent's or ancestor's home.)


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    In my dictionary, "Fedrene-" is translated as "paternal; ancestral". (and marked as "gammeldags"). The distinction between parents' and ancestors' home does not necessarily make sense in the traditional, agricultural society, where many people were born on the farm where their family had lived for generations. My English is not good enough to find the best word, but maybe "family home" could reflect both aspects - parents and ancestors?

    Anyway, the title "Sønnens Afsked fra Fædrenehjemmet" gives useful information: The son is moving out of the home where he grew up. I think both "parting from" and "farewell to" could work, or maybe just "The Son Leaving His Family Home"?


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    This painting by Adolph Tidemand is called "Den yngste sønns avskjed" (The youngest son's farewell), could that be the one?

    I can't find any references to a painting called "Sønnens Afsked fra Fædrenehjemmet".

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