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    During my first trip to Norway I had the opportunity to go out on the Oslofjord in a friend's speed boat. I recall that he used the expression "full fart" when he was increasing the boat's speed so I assumed that this expression meant "full speed ahead."

    I was just looking at the
    Team Strømmen Fotball Klubben website and saw the following article posted there:

    Videre i cupen

    Here is the last sentence from that article:

    As I understand it, this means that
    Team Strømmen will be playing kvinnefotball klubben Fart at home in the next round of the NM Cup. I just got the idea of using the headline "Full Fart i NM" to mean "Full speed ahead in the NM Cup" in an article about Team Strømmen's next NM Cup match. :idea:
    Would this be an sppropriate headline to use?
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    You could, but if I saw that headline in the paper I would probably think it was a bit dumb. It doesn't completely make sense and it would look like you were trying really hard to come up with a play on words. Not that that isn't sadly typical of Norwegian tabloids, I just don't want to encourage it :)

    "Full fart" only means "full speed", it doesn't really say anything about direction (the ahead part). I think that might be the missing piece that makes it sound strange. Maybe you could say "Full fart videre i NM"? I like that better, but guess I don't fully understand what you are trying to say with the headline, so I'm not sure what would make sense.

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