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    Hi everyone,

    Just racking my brains searching for an adequate way of saying someone having a good presentation. Meaning a person who makes a very good impression upon first sight because he/she looks good and by the way he/she expresses him/herself.

    I've found so far : godt utseende and presentasjon which most likely denotes a presentation in the sense of framvisning...

    Here's a test sentence to translate with context.
    -> This candidate makes a very good impression.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. myšlenka Senior Member

    førsteinntrykk might be the word you are looking for :)

    Kandidaten gjør et godt førsteinntrykk.
  3. bicontinental Senior Member

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    You could probably say something like,

    Kandidaten gjør/gjorde et godt inntrykk (he makes/made a good impression)
    Kandidaten gjør/gjorde et godt førsteinntrykk (he makes/made a good first impression)
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