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  1. torrobin Senior Member

    I wonder what would be the best translation of 'gryende' in this sentence:

    Hun følte, til sin forbauselse, en gryende frihet etter mannens død.

    I found words like 'nascent', 'dawning', 'budding', and I wonder if any of these fits.

  2. Skitlus New Member

    While all three words refer to something that appeared recently and is showing signs of future potential, I'd use 'dawning', as 'nascent' is a fairly uncommon word, and could potentially confuse even native English speakers, and the word 'budding' makes me think of an aspiring young artist, or someone who's yet to show their true potential.

    'Dawning', on the other hand is quite similar to the Norwegian word 'gryende', as they both are literally referring the same word, i.e., dawn/sunrise, while they also have the same figurative meaning.
  3. bicontinental Senior Member

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    You could use ’dawning’ for a more poetic effect (like the original sentence in Norwegian):
    A dawning sense of freedom…
    An emerging sense of freedom… would be another option.

    (You might also consider using ‘newfound’ which collocates well with ‘freedom’, although it obviously makes for a less precise translation of ‘gryende’ resulting in a slight change in meaning. I don’t know if the overall context would allow for such a change.

    A newfound sense of freedom/ a sense of newfound freedom…)
  4. timtfj

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    I think you probably have to translate the whole phrase rather than use an "equivalent" English adjective. Though theoretically right, a budding freedom and a dawning freedom don't feel very natural as English phrases to me. How about these as a starting point?

    She was surprised by a new and growing sense of freedom
    To her amazement, she felt a new freedom being born
    She was amazed to sense the birth of a new freedom
    She was amazed by the dawning of a new sense of freedom
    She felt a growing and wholly unexpected sense of freedom

    I've tried to include the ideas of newness, growth and surprise in all of these.

  5. torrobin Senior Member

    Thanks everyone! And especially to Tim; that was an amazing selection of renditions! :thumbsup:


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