Norwegian: helt Texas


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I was thinking about some of the expressions a Norwegian friend of mine used to use when she was teaching me what she called "Oslo gatespråk" and one of the expressions she used was something like the following:

"Det var helt Texas, assa!"

Does "helt Texas" mean "quite crazy/wild" or am I mixing this expression up with something else. :confused:

å forhånd takk for hjelpen. :)
  • Yeah, Vestfold, maybe I should have mentioned that:) The most common meaning here as well is crazy/wild, but I have used it to mean big and heard other use it as well. It is not uncommen at least.

    I don't think we really only mean Texas, but Texas in a way sums up how we at times can experience USA in a vice versus look between the US and Norway. Two common views here might be: Norway; small versus US; big and that when you do something, anything really, in the US it is done in a much larger scale and perhaps in a way that may seem over the top, and is perceived to be wild and crazy to Norwegians.

    It's not meant as an offence to Americans though, so I hope no one takes it that way:) It’s a positive way to express that something is great.
    I've always assumed what the expression compares whatever situation it describes to is the prototypical (stereotypical) wild west scenario - a semi-anarchical society with limited law enforcement - with Texas being the prototypical wild west state. Never heard it used merely about the size of something.