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I have trouble understanding the meaning of "hokus pokus" here
The context is a lawyer who answers journalists after they heard that he represents both a police officer accused with tampering with evidence and the man who had been sent to jail because of this evidence. He says they both want the truth to be established (the real murderer to be found) and that he can help them both. Then he says:

"Sånn mere hokus pokus enn det er det egentlig ikke, da må jeg videre i et møte, så da har jeg ikke tid flere spørsmål."

I now this expression only in a context of magic. What does it mean here? That they give too much importance to the fact that he represents both men?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I don't speak Norwegian, I have an English translation but they didn't translate that bit
  • justous

    Hi :)

    He's basically saying that there's nothing more to it than that, no secrets to be dug up from behind the scenes. I would translate it as:

    "There's actually nothing more to it. Now I have get going to a meeting now, so I don't have time for any more questions"


    justuos is quite right - however you might relay the colourful language with terms like mumbo-jumbo or jiggery-pokery, for example:
    There really isn't any more mumbo-jumbo to it than that, and since I have to get on to a meeting, I have no more time for questions.