Norwegian: hos meg vs med meg

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What's the difference between the two?
E.g. I came across this phrase, sove hos meg
Could you say meg meg without altering the meaning?
Thanks a lot
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    No, "med" and "hos" have different meanings. "Med meg" means "with me". "Hos meg" means "at my place/house/flat/office" etc.

    If you don't have a place to live, a friend could say "Du kan bo hos meg". That could be an invitation to stay as a guest, and sleep in your friend's guest room or at his couch. Or it could mean that you are invited to stay in your friend's house while he is away, because "hos" does not require that the other person is present.

    "Sove hos meg" could be used in the same situations, while "sove med meg" implies that you are sleeping in the same bed.

    EDITED: My first answer was probably too simplified. I should add that in certain contexts, "hos meg" should be translated as "with me". For example:

    Bli hos meg! - Stay with me!
    Bli med meg! - Come with me!
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    it's difficult not to associate to "Sleep with me" which with a sweet slightly old-fashioned idiom is "ligge hos mig" and in modern Danish is "gå i seng med"