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    Hi everyone,

    I have a fishing term that I'm hoping will be an easy one. I haven't been able to find it in any dictionary, so perhaps it's dialect, though? Here's the sentence: "Forsiktig fikk hun tredd hoven opp og rundt fisken." Is it some sort of net or loop? Thanks!
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    But surely it is misspelled (both in Norwegian and Swedish) - it is called håv
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    Indeed. "Hov", often pronounced the same way as "håv" or with the same sound as in "bok" means hoof or "place of worship": Definite form: "hoven" or "hovet respectively. Finally the adjective "hoven" means arrogant, haughty, stuck up, etc. And that was the "rattle of ho/åv/en/et". :D
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    It is a bit frustrating that the document I'm reading now has some typos/spelling mistakes. Makes it quite hard to look things up, though Google Translate has recommended the correct spelling to me a few times. Thanks everyone for your help!

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