Norwegian: Hun har vel rota litt nå

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Beatrice M, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Beatrice M New Member

    I'm having some difficulty understanding this sentence, which I assume is slang (or rather crude).

    The context is the following: a person (female) has sent a reminder for outstanding invoices. One of the recipients makes this remark: "Hun har vel rota litt nå".

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Ífaradà Member

    It's not slang or crude in any way.

    It simply means that she has managed to disorganize/mess up the bills somehow. PS: don't trust translate :p
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  3. sjiraff

    sjiraff Senior Member

    Scotland, UK

    "rota" is another way of saying "rotet" (From å rote) which can be used like "Hun rotet rundt i veska si" - meaning she looked/rummaged around, or to "mess" something up, like "uten å rote det til" meaning "without messing it up!" or "Hvem har rotet på badet!" meaning "Who messed up the bathroom!" ("et rot" meaning "a mess")

    So I think here it means she has pried in to something, like got herself involved in it. But I'm sure one of the natives can give a better explaination, I might even be interpreting it wrong.

    Edit: Ignore my explaination, Ífaradà is what I thought it might've been if not what I said! So it meant she messed something up afterall!
  4. Ífaradà Member

    I'm impressed! You know quite a lot I must say!
  5. sjiraff

    sjiraff Senior Member

    Scotland, UK
    Gah, I honestly went back and fourth between your explaination (if there was something she'd done wrong/messed up) and it being something similar to "blande seg i andres saker" as if she were sticking-her-nose-in by sending the reminders, and messing up by doing so.

    Thanks though;)
  6. NorwegianNYC

    NorwegianNYC Senior Member

    New York, NY, USA
    It can also mean that she has been fooling around with someone (hun rota/rotet med ham)
  7. Havfruen Senior Member

    English - American
    Does it have a connection with the word for rat especially when referring to making a mess?
  8. myšlenka Senior Member

    No, I don't think so. Besides, other animals can make a mess too :)

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