Norwegian: husholdningssaft

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by A Gargantua, May 18, 2018.

  1. A Gargantua Senior Member

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    Hi again everyone

    Does anyone have a bright idea for how I could translate husholdingssaft? Also, does one drink it like a squash, i.e. watered down, or straight from the bottle, which is to say is it a squash or a juice?

    Many thanks!

    A Gargantua
  2. raumar Senior Member

    Oslo, Norway
    Let us begin with 'saft'. I believe 'squash' is the English translation of 'saft'. You have to water it down before you drink it.

    In a Norwegian supermarket, you will find different kinds of 'saft' bottles, there are 'blåbærsaft', 'solbærsaft', 'appelsinsaft' etc., and then there is 'husholdningssaft'. This is 'saft' that doesn't taste like any specific fruit or berry.

    I would not use the word 'husholdningssaft' in a conversation. I just call it 'rød saft' after its colour. It is actually more purple than red, but that is what we call it.
  3. JonTve Member

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    I would called it Cordial.
  4. Svenke

    Svenke Senior Member

    Agree with raumar.
    Several brands are marketed as "Husholdningssaft". One uses grapes, apples and cherries. Another uses grapes, apples, pears. Etc.
    The element husholdning 'household' to me signalizes something simple and unexpensive. Always meant to be watered down.

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