Norwegian: "Ikke" in inverted phrases

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Flryn, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Flryn New Member

    I've been studying Norwegian for a while and its word order is giving me some trouble, particularly the position of "ikke" in certain situations.
    I've read that if there are object pronouns directly following a finite verb as in "Jeg gav ham den i dag.", the negation is "Jeg gav ham den ikke i dag." instead of the usual "Jeg gav ikke ham den i dag.".
    However, does this still hold true in a situation like "I dag gav jeg him den"?
    Is "I dag gav jeg ham den ikke." a correct negation of the sentence above or should I use "I dag gav jeg ikke ham den." ?
  2. myšlenka Senior Member

    negation should follow both the finite verb and the object pronoun(s).

    Jeg ga {ham den} ikke i dag.
    I dag ga jeg {ham den} ikke.

    If you put ikke in front of "ham", you get constituent negation instead of sentential negation.

    I dag ga jeg ikke ham den, men jeg ga den til noen andre.
  3. Flryn New Member

    A-ha, now I get it! Thanks!
  4. NorwegianNYC

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    If I may add (on a side note):
    "Jeg ga ikke den til ham i dag" is sometimes rendered "jeg ga ikke ham den i dag". Grammatically, this is still acceptable Norwegian, but conveys a slightly different message than in "jeg ga ham den ikke i dag"

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