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  1. Abalord Member

    Is the word "korn" used for the actual grain "corn", or is it just a general term for various types of grain?
    What would be the color in a sentence like "korngule hår"?
  2. raumar Senior Member

    Oslo, Norway
    "Korn" is used as a common term for wheat, oats, barley, rye and similar types of grain, and also used for grain in a more general sense (for example "sandkorn", "pepperkorn"). The grain that is called "corn" in American English is called "mais" in Norwegian. (I think it is "maize" in British English).

    "Korngul" is this colour:
    Kornåker - - NDLA
  3. Abalord Member

    Thank you for your answer, that's what I thought. I have seen it translated to English as corn, and it really seemed out of context, because the Norwegian climate isn't appropriate for this crop.
  4. raumar Senior Member

    Oslo, Norway
    If it is British English, it is not necessarily wrong to translate "korn" as "corn". "Corn" can be wheat or oats, etc, in British English:
    Corn - Dictionary of English

    But if it is American English, the translation is definitively wrong.
  5. Abalord Member

    I see the use of "colour" and not "color", so it's definitely British English.

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