Norwegian: Löen/Svin/Lien/Sien


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Utdrag fra et brev:

De döde den 17 Juni begge paa samme Time. Det er ogsaa merkeligt de vare begge födte paa [Löen/Svin/Lien/Sien] og begge bleve begravede paa en gang.

I can't make out the handwriting, but I've narrowed it to löen, svin, lien, or sien. Lien is the only word I've heard before that makes sense in the context, but I'm still unsure what it means.
fødte på lien = born on the slope?
  • raumar

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    I suppose this is the name of the farm or the place where they were born. "Lien" could certainly be a farm name.

    "Løen" would mean that they both were born in the barn - probably less likely?
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